Hydra Needle Derma Stamp 0.6mm 2-Pack


Hydra Needle Derma Stamp 0.6mm 2-Pack

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2-Pack 0.6mm Hydra Needle Derma Stamp 20 needles

Hydra Needle 1.0mm

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Hydra Needle Derma Stamp 0.6mm 2-Pack

2-Pack 0.6mm Hydra Needle Derma Stamp 20 needles

The Hydra Needle Derma stamp 20 needles stand out among various microneedling tools used by both cosmetic professionals and DIY users. In contrast to microneedling devices like derma rollers and derma pens that create microchannels in the skin to stimulate natural healing, the Hydra Needle Derma Stamp features 20 microneedles and an applicator vial capable of holding 5ml of mesotherapy serum of your choice.

Once the mesotherapy serum is added to the vial, the Hydra Needle Derma Stamp creates microchannels and can dispense the mesotherapy serum directly into the skin. This innovative approach allows for the infusion of beneficial ingredients of mesotherapy serums, ensuring deeper penetration and enhancing the overall microneedling experience for the patient, and at home.

Our Hydra Needle Derma Stamp is equipped with different needle sizes, offering varied results based on the depth of needle penetration. They are offered in packs of 2 units:

Hydra Needle (20-pin, 0.6mm)
Hydra Needle (20-pin, 1.0mm)

Features of Hydra Needle Derma Stamp 20


Precision-crafted from titanium - These 20-pin needles are exceptionally sharp, ensuring the creation of microchannels during treatment with minimal discomfort. The durability of titanium ensures a longer lifespan, contributing to the maintenance of consistent microchannels throughout the treatment, and minimizing discomfort associated with needle puncturing.

Equipped with a unique spiral groove system - the Hydra Needle Derma Stamp efficiently delivers 5mL of mesotherapy serum from the applicator vial to the needles and into the dermis. With a length of 0.6mm or 1mm, it reaches both the base membrane connecting the epidermis to the dermis and the upper dermal layer.


Benefits of Hydra Needle Derma Stamp


Enhanced serum penetration: With every application of the Hydra Needle Derma Stamp across the treatment area, you can seamlessly infuse the mesotherapy serum into the skin, taking advantage of the freshly formed microchannels. This approach significantly boosts the skin's absorption of mesotherapy serums with active ingredients of peptides, promoting effective hydration compared to post-treatment serum application.

Effective for addressing deeper scars: The 0.6mm and 1mm needles are designed to penetrate the basement membrane between the dermis and epidermis, reaching a superficial layer of the dermis. This length is well-suited for various treatments, including:

  • Increase Collagen and collagen induction (sufficient to stimulate the body's collagen production)
  • Hyperpigmentation and discoloration (for which treatment should begin with the smallest needle length before progressing to longer lengths)
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Fine lines
  • Light wrinkles
  • Moderately sagging skin

Promoting skin health: Hydra Needles Derma Stamp integrates the benefits of microneedling, creating microchannels to activate the body's natural healing process, stimulate collagen production, and encourage skin regeneration by promoting the emergence of newer skin cells. This is complemented by the skin-enhancing properties of your chosen serum.


Using Hydra Needles


Ensure proper sterilization of your face or your client's face before using. Avoid using Hydra Needles Derma Stamp or any other microneedling devices on individuals with active skin infections or open facial wounds.

Hydra Needles Derma Stamps are suitable for both professionals and individuals for at-home use. However, it is important for DIY users to avoid microneedling devices with a needle length exceeding 1.5mm.

Fill the applicator vial of the Hydra Needle Derma Stamp with your chosen mesotherapy serum, with a maximum capacity of 5mL. We advise using serums with thinner consistencies, as overly thick serums may not dispense effectively during treatment. Be cautious about the compatibility of serums with microneedling, and refer to this guide for a list of safe serums suitable for microchannel application:

Safe and Approved for Use with Hydra Needle Derma Stamp – Use any of our mesotherapy cocktails, except for BCN Base. Alternatively, customize your own blend by combining 2% Hyaluronic Acid with various active ingredients like DMAE, Organic Silica & DMAE, Vitamin C, etc. Refer to our cocktail protocol here for personalized treatment options.

Perform the Hydra Needle Derma Stamp treatment following standard microneedling pen procedures. Maintain the unit at a 90-degree angle for effective mesotherapy serum application. After the session, securely cap the Hydra Needle Derma Stamp and discard it in a designated container for used sharps, adhering to local disposal guidelines. For inquiries and customer support, reach out to Mesotherapy-Solutions.com.


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Enhance your skincare routine with the Hydra Needle Derma Stamp, a must-have tool for anti-aging. This non-invasive and user-friendly device allows you to conveniently perform anti-aging treatments at home. Tailor your treatment by pairing it with your preferred mesotherapy serum to address concerns such as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, dark spots, acne scars, and to achieve a revitalized and lifted appearance. Experience the benefits of the Hydra Needle Derma Stamp for beautiful and rejuvenated skin.



Hydra Needle Size

2 Hydra Needle Derma Stamp 0.6mm – $44, 10 Hydra Needle Derma Stamp 0.6mm – $185, 2 Hydra Needle Derma Stamp 1mm – $44, 10 Hydra Needle Derma Stamp 1mm – $185

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