Does Mesotherapy Really Work?


Does Mesotherapy Really Work?

The answer is yes, Mesotherapy really does work. There have been many studies that show the effectiveness of this treatment for skin rejuvenation and improvement in fine lines/wrinkles as well as acne scarring because it stimulates collagen production at multiple sites on your body's surface which helps provide better elasticity so you'll see improvements with tone faster than if received any other type of procedure alone!

The history of mesotherapy begins in 1952 when Dr. Michel Pistor created it to manage pain for patients, but it has grown in popularity with people looking at reducing fat pockets or hair loss among other things like cellulite reduction!

The injections are painless and non-invasive. The mesotherapy cocktail includes peptides, plant extracts, vitamin enzymes, amino acids as well homeopathic agents to make the skin healthy again.

Mesotherapy is a technique that can be beneficial in many different treatments depending on what kind of formulation you use. One common application for this treatment includes fat reduction, body contouring, and hair restoration or face/neck rejuvenation.

There are different mesotherapy products for different purposes, and the treatment plan is always tailored to the individual’s needs.

Mesotherapy Can Rejuvenate Your Skin, Giving You A Youthful Glow

Intradermal mesotherapy is a medical treatment that involves injecting substances into the middle layer of skin and into its associated tissue, known as "mesoderm." The injections can be made with vitamins, amino acids, peptides, and enzymes for example to boost their effect on you.

Mesotherapy is a unique experience for each one of its users. Therefore, the treatment procedure must only be performed by a qualified professional who is experienced in mesotherapy protocol based on the client’s individual needs. After several mesotherapy treatments, lasting results in a glowing, firmer, and more regenerated skin complexion.

How Does Mesotherapy Work?

Mesotherapy is tailored to each individual, the treatment will begin with a consultation with a professional, who will work with you to identify and understand your issues. Mesotherapy blends are tailored to each patient based on what they want to achieve.

Mesotherapy is a much less invasive alternative to more traditional cosmetic procedures. The numbing topical cream may be applied at least 30 minutes before the treatment and many injections will likely be required until it covers your complete area of concern, ranging from 1mm-4 mm depth with small amounts injected into the skin ( typically 4 or 10 sessions ). You must allow 10 days to 2 weeks apart between each session for best results.


Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive and noninvasive treatment that can be used to treat various medical issues. It's also effective for treating cosmetic conditions such as cellulite, acne or contouring of the body, and hair restoration with 95% success rates in both men & women. Myotherapists perform intradermal injections or microneedling and are likely to have any allergic reactions, unlike other procedures where patients often develop post-inflammatory disorders after having surgery due to their invasiveness.




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